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Policy Adviser & Public Speaker: 
War, Security, Technology Policy

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As a specialist on the global proliferation of drones, the rise of precision strike technologies, and the history of weaponry and war, James currently works as an expert adviser to the United Nations Security Council, UN CTC, UNOCT, the UK Parliament, the EU Commission, and NATO. James' latest projects explore the impact of 4IR systems, especially AI and Quantum technologies, on the future of war.

He is also a UK MoD Defence Opinion Leader and is the Co-founder and Co-convenor of BISA War Studies, the War Studies section of the British International Studies Association (BISA).


James previously held the position of NATO Country Director of the Vulnerabilities of the Drone Age programme (supported by NATO SPS) and he served as a weapons adviser to the United Nations Special Rapporteur. James is also a TEDx speaker

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